Linda has been active as an artist since the early 1990s. Focus on semi abstract figurative paintings, then create her unique style of nude drawings, and 3D canvas which are sculptures created from canvas, acrylic paints, wood, sand, acrylic resin, fibre glass and resin. She is also creating artworks from upcycle and recycle materials. She took up painting and life drawing in Melbourne, at local art schools and apprentice with established artists.
She started the Life Drawing Community in Wan Chai, a life drawing workshop at her studio in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, from Sept 2006, until present time, on a weekly base. Now it is co-operated by her artist colleague Philippe Charmes from France.Since May 2014, Linda has started life drawing workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,with local artists and art space, on a bi-weekly schedule. Both workshops have drawn professional and amateur artists to continue their artistic practice and creations.
Linda Liao was born in 1960s into an engineers’family in Nanning city of the Guangxi  Autonomous Region of China. Growing up in the countryside of this region during the Cultural Revolution, she turns to drawing and painting for refuge. With her family she moved back to Guangzhou after the culture revolution ceased. She has been travel extensively in Asia, Europe, lived in Australia for 10yrs, Hong Kong for 16 years, also lived in Taipei for 1 year, before moved to Kuala Lumpur.