Collective Poetry (1)

By Nana Wrote

Collective Essays (2)

By Bisseme S

Title: Dreams, Desires & Disappointments

What I see in this painting is a man in misery. Like any young man, he has dreams and desires. He chased after his dreams and desires. He got what his heart wanted. His dreams has come true. His desire has come true. He leads a colorful life that many envy. But he is not happy with his life.

Sometimes, the society tell us what our dreams should be… what our desires should be… who we should love… who we should hate and what we should be chasing after. We do not listen to our hearts. We assume the society knows what is inside our hearts and what can make us happy. But that is not case. Only we know what is inside in our hearts. Only we know what can make us happy. Unfortunately, the man in the painting does not realize this. Now, he is trapped in a life he does not want. His dreams and his desires are suffocating him.

I love the way the artist have used the colors to reflect this conflicted emotion. The painting had mixture of bright and darker colors. The bright colors supposed represent his happiness and his innocence in his early years and the darker colors represent his misery of his current situation. The most striking feature in the painting is the man is screaming out of frustration and there is like a hand that is choking him….a brilliant metaphor to show some dreams and desires are not good for your soul.

The painting is all about dreams, desires and disappointment.


Written by Bissme S (
an author of two books, Doubt and Bitter that features my short stories

Details of this painting:
Title: Hot Dog
Media: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 62x82cm
Year: 1999.
Location: Cellier Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

To enquire about this work, please contact Guillaume Cadilhac

Image may contain: one or more people


Open Call

Group Exhibition: November 24 – December 10 2017
Minut Init Art Social

Curatorial Statement

What is art? Art could be a moment of awareness; Could it be the moment when we are fully aware of ourselves? Could it be the moment when we are touched by reality and we start to engage in a dialogue with the object or circumstance that made us aware? Could it be enabling an interaction with ourselves (the body), and our relationship to the cosmos?

We are constantly in a search for meaning and through these moments of art that connection could be revealed to us. Through the constant flux of reality and the ability of perception and awareness we could find that our encounters with our environment reveals more to us about ourselves more then anything else. To express this engagement is to sense these nuances found within the fragments of our cosmology and reveal the poetry of synthesis or disorder within our individual realities.

The mechanisation of society in this time of shifting ideals and rampant modernisation apparent from the, at times, violent ravaging of the land in the name of humanity seems to go against essential humanity. The will of man to establish order in a chaotic universe is bound forever to a cosmic struggle betweeen understanding our purpose and meaning of existence and how they can reveal our vulnerabilities, wishes, dreams and poetry of the conditions that we are living in today.

James Ly

Reality/Nature and the Body

The Exhibition will comprise of some rapid works created during the life drawing workshops and other works created outside workshops and relate to the following description.

How do you see reality? How does the body interact with your reality? Using your life drawings as a springboard, create works that speak to your conceptions of reality and/or nature. Investigate various environments that speak to you in some way, including psychological, internal, surrounding and external, and use your drawings to create works that integrate or intertwine with these aspects. Perhaps you can use these investigations to find solutions or create alternative realities that provide a sense of satisfaction, or inspiration for greater humanity.

Ideas that might help

Environments you could consider include:
Threatened environments of Malaysia
Logging in Boneo threatening the orangtans
Problems of palm oil plantations
Forest people losing their homelands in Sarawak and Penisula (Orong Asli people)
Urban populations due to construction
Environments of beauty
Patterns surrounding us
Jarring Environments
Contrast eg the body beautiful as compared to ugly environments
Internal Environments


Works will be subject to selection by a committee of curators (James Ly, Toong Kwok and Dali Abdul Azis).

To be considered for inclusion, artists must attend at least one life drawing workshop at Minut Init (contact

To enable as many people and pieces to be represented in the exhibition, works are restricted to the following sizes: A2, A3 and A4.

All selected works will need to be ready to hang and delivered by one week before the exhibition.

All selected works should be photographed and a digital image supplied to (email) by October 24, 2017 for use in advertising and creation of postcards for sale during exhibition if desired by the artist (these will be charged at the cost of production – TBA)

All artists must supply an artist statement (50 words) and short bio filled in from proforma attached.

All works must be for sale. Commission on sale of works is 40% to the gallery and 10% to the nominated charity (TBA).

An opening will be held on Friday Nov 24 6 – 10pm. There will be a VIP (TBA) opening the exhibition, performances including poetry reading, dance and video projection of life drawing workshops. Music by DJs, finger food and drinks.

A series of 2 hour workshops by artists represented in the exhibition will be held throughout the period of the exhibition changed at a nominal fee (RM 50) 7:30 – 9:30pm. Please contact Linda ( or Miranda ( with workshop outline if you wish to conduct a workshop – a small payment is offered (eg 50% of participant payment).

Closing Event and auction will be held on final Sunday, December 10. Speakers from the represented charity and about the theme of the exhibition will lead into an auction of artworks not sold during the exhibition (this will start at 75% of the ticketed price – do not advertise this prior to the auction please!). The same commission and percentage to charity applies to auctioned items.

We are looking for sponsors for design and printing of advertising, food and drink at opening and closing events, suitable charities and VIP to open, and auctioneer. All suggestions appreciated!

Contact people from Minut Init Art Gallery:
Dali Abdul Azis & James Ly:
or call: +603-7499 5895

Collective Essays (1)

Edited by Linda Liao

Special thanks to Jeremy Lee and friends.


The Beauty of Coming to Life

In the humdrum of life, a beautiful life may often identify itself in the union of two kindred souls becoming one in marriage or the attainment of a good and successful life.

As a mother, Artist Linda is inspired to portray another facet of beauty in life – the celebration of new life in childbirth. This is a moving visual depiction of love, sacrifice, pain and blood.

Childbirth is an experience that embodies fear, anxiety, hope and expectancy. For the mother, who would risk her life to bring a child into the world. For the father and husband (represented by the grey/white shadowy figure) who is often not allowed in the OT (operating theater); his pain and anxiety mingled with expectancy, hope and longing. A juxtaposition of Beauty in a parent’s love and sacrificial acts seen through pain and blood versus romantic love seen through rose-tinted glass.

Details of this painting:
Title: Beauty of Coming to Life
Media: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 91x91cm
Year: 2006.
Location: Cellier Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

To enquire about this work, please contact Guillaume Cadilhac

Special appreciation notes to Jereme Lee ( and his friends for their critics in English writing.

在平淡的生活中,一個美好的生命往往係于兩個交融結合在一起的靈魂伴侶, 或许通婚姻结合或者共同創造成功的生活旅程。

作為一位母親,藝術家Linda(琳達)受到啟發,描繪了人生美好的另一面 – 慶祝分娩的新生命。 這是一個動人的愛情,犧牲,痛苦和血液的視覺描繪。

分娩是恐懼,焦慮,希望和期待的體驗。 一個母親冒著生命危險要把孩子帶入世界。而父親和丈夫(以灰色/白色陰影圖示), 在不允许進入OT(手術室)时,他的痛苦和焦慮與期待,希望和渴望混合在一起。父母之愛与其之犧牲行為,在此通過痛苦和血液而並列呈现, 而不是透過玫瑰色玻璃显示的浪漫之愛。



Interview at BFM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

28-Sep-17 14:30

Produced by: Lim Soon HengPresented by: Lim Soon Heng


Lai Loong Sung

by Linda Liao

2015/09/29: Life Drawing Essay

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